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1 express approval of
2 present as worthy of regard, kindness, or confidence; "His paintings commend him to the artistic world"
3 give to in charge; "I commend my children to you"
4 express a good opinion of [syn: recommend]
5 mention as by way of greeting or to indicate friendship; "Remember me to your wife" [syn: remember]

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from Latin commendare "to praise"


  1. To congratulate or reward.
  2. To praise or acclaim.
  3. To entrust or commit to the care of someone else


to congratulate or reward
  • French: féliciter
  • Portuguese: parabenizar, recompensar
to praise
  • French: féliciter
  • Portuguese: agradecer
to entrust
  • French: recommander
  • Portuguese: recomendar

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acclaim, advocate, applaud, approve, assign, back, boost, commit, compliment, confide, consign, countenance, cry up, delegate, endorse, enfeoff, entrust, eulogize, extol, give in charge, give in trust, hail, hand over, hype, infeudate, plug, praise, proffer, promote, puff, recommend, relegate, remand, remit, resign, speak highly of, speak warmly of, speak well of, support, tender, tout, trust, turn over, yield
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